Making Sure Your Next Decades Are Your Next Best Decades (Sponsored Content)

Dr. Otto Janke (left) and Dr. T. Colin Campbell (right).

When it comes to health, people “really don’t know where to start to help themselves be ready for their next decades,” according to Dr. Otto Janke.

Janke is inviting those interested in finding a starting point for their health to the Empire Longevity Symposium on Saturday, Sept. 24 at the Center for the Arts on 72 S. Main St. in the village of Homer.

“If you’re someone who is concerned about where to start, this is the place to start. If you consider having a road map, we’re going to give you a road map,” Janke said.

Dr. Otto Janke.

The event begins at 9 a.m., with doors opening at 8:30 a.m.

A description of the Symposium is as follows:

“The Symposium is the flagship of Empire Longevity and brings together like minded longevity seekers in an intimate setting to listen to, speak with, and learn from some of the leaders in the longevity world. Most longevity events focus on one or two aspects such as nutrition or exercise, the Empire Longevity Symposium looks to show the numerous and diverse ways our longevity is intertwined, not only with nutrition and exercise, but also the environment, nature, finances, relationships, and education, to name just a few areas.”

Janke, the chief pilot of Empire Longevity, noted a slew of speakers for the event, including:

Dr. T. Colin Campbell (Keynote Speaker): Professor emeritus at Cornell University. Campbell will speak on “The Future of Nutrition,” which is also the name of one of his books. Dr. Campbell was also in the ground breaking documentary ‘Forks Over Knives’, which led the way to a new way of eating! 

Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

Chris Cerveny, Ph.D.: Cerveny will show “The Future of Growing Food.” His company, Fifth Season Fresh, is the leader in urban farming.

David Kollen: Kollen, of the Xerces Organization, will join the event via Zoom to give a “whole new view” to “The Future of the Pollinators: Saving Bees and Butterflies.” The presentation will show “without THEM,” there “may be no US.”

“We’ve brought in some of the leaders in that longevity who will give you that start or give you a road map,” Janke said. 

Janke will also provide two talks on “Your Posture and Your Longevity” and “The Future of Your Memories.” His talks are sponsored by the New York Chiropractic Council.

All attendees will receive a digital posture picture upon arrival that will be emailed to them immediately so they can “see their own posture” during Janke’s first talk. 

Janke will also provide insights into “Fighting Falls: Don’t Build the bones better – STOP Falling,” which will also include audience participation as Janke shows “specifically how he builds people better.”

Janke’s second talk will discuss what steps can be taken to “prevent or slow down” dementia.

“This really is a one of a kind event in that we look at many aspects of your longevity,” Janke said. “What we truly want from the Symposium is for you to have a road map, a plan, to help make your next decades your next BEST decades.”

Here’s the schedule for the symposium:

Here’s a video promo for the symposium (video provided by Dr. Otto Janke):

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