Village of Marathon to apply for water quality state grant

(Photo Source: Village of Marathon Facebook page)

Village of Marathon Mayor Scott Chamberlin announced recently the village is looking for new ways to fund a project that would improve water quality and protect public health.

The village is set to apply for a state Water Infrastructure Improvement and Intermunicipal (WIIA) grant, hoping that it can help pay for improvements to the village’s wastewater treatment plant and sewage pump stations. That project has a price tag of approximately $4.3 million and the grant would cover 25 percent of the cost.

Chamberlin said a consultant with engineering firm MRB Associates priced a grant application for WIIA funds at $3,000.

“I said no, I am not going to put $3,000 — good money — after he couldn’t get the grant last year,” he said. “I decided to apply myself. I got the grant together and I am all set to sign it and send it off.”

Chamberlin said the village hopes to receive federal funding to cover the rest of the project’s costs.