Cortland Weather Outlook: Wednesday, September 21


Your Cortland County weather forecast for Wednesday, September 21, 2022:

(Photo Source: Stephen Yang of The Cortland Voice).

Much of today will be quiet and mild, making for a pleasant last day of summer. However, an approaching cold front will send summer out on a stormy note this evening.

Sunshine will be abundant this morning, mixing with a few thin wisps of cirrus clouds and, eventually, some fair weather clouds. A gentle but steady south wind will team up with the sun to warm temperatures quickly.

By the afternoon, skies will be a mix of sun and growing fair weather clouds. The south wind will turn slightly to the southwest while picking up steam. Mid and late afternoon wind speeds will be near 10 mph with gusts to 20 mph.

Temperatures will top out between 75-80 degrees, with higher elevations in the north the coolest, and urban areas and the southern reaches of the county the warmest.

The timing of the thunderstorms is a bit up in the air. At their earliest, they could arrive during the late afternoon hours. At their latest, the rain will hold off until after dark.

When the storms do arrive, provided it is not closer to midnight than sunset, there could be some strong to severe storms. Frequent lightning and damaging winds will be the primary threat. Most areas will probably not see any damage, though.

Behind the thunderstorms, showers will move through overnight with a cold front. Temperatures will hold in the low 60s until the front clears, but will then fall into the mid or even low 50s by sunrise.

Here is a look at the weather for the next few days:

Thursday: Morning sun and clouds. Afternoon showers Morning lows in the mid 50s. Afternoon highs in the low 60s.

Friday: Cloudy with early showers. Some late sun. Morning lows around 40. Afternoon highs in the mid 50s.

Saturday: Sun and clouds. Morning lows in the upper 30s, possibly with some patch frost in colder pockets. Afternoon highs near 60.

Sunday: Increasing clouds. Some late showers. Morning lows in the mid 40s. Afternoon highs in the mid 60s.