Village of Homer discusses water and sewer bill policies

(Photo via Pexels).

Slight updates to the village of Homer’s water and sewer billing policies were unveiled Tuesday, including a written appeal form and a set date for late fees.

The village’s board of trustees approved the updates unanimously. One of the updates to the policies is the date by which a payment is considered on-time by the village.

“Penalties are based on postmark date, not when received,” said village Treasurer Tanya DiGennaro. “This is how we send it out in the water bills to everybody. A lot of people have been saying they write the check on the due date or a couple days before, and they mail it two weeks later. The legal date is the date you pay at the bank or in person.”

Receiving a bill via postal service, DiGennaro said, has also been an issue.

“In New York state it is inherent to have a water bill,” DiGennaro said. “You know when it is due, whether you get a bill or not. If the post office doesn’t deliver it, you still owe it. A lot of people have had issues with the post office, they can come down to see us and we can reprint it.”

DiGennaro also detailed a defined appeals policy.

“When customers have a dispute, we have an appeals policy to put it in writing,” she said. “We now have a form which is what other communities around here have. Disputes and requests for any changes should be in writing. If they are not in writing, there is no backup.”