Cincinnatus Lions win rivalry game against McGraw in over-time at SUNY Cortland (photos included)

Varsity Boys Soccer: Cincinnatus vs. McGraw at SUNY Cortland (Photo Source: Kaitlyn Hession).

The Cincinnatus Lions beat McGraw at their annual rivalry game at SUNY Cortland under the lights Saturday night. 

It was a close game with both teams taking shots at each other constantly throughout the game. 

However, the Lions were able to come out victorious after an overtime goal to make it 3-2. 

Cincinantus was led by Canden Stafford (1 goal & 2 assists), John Schuyler (1 goal & 1 assist), Dominick Landers (1 goal), and Dakota Stairs (3 saves).

McGraw was led by Nathan Stiles (1 goal), Brennan Wilson (1 goal), Jacob Bilodeau (1 assist), Jaydon Bassett (1 assist), and Gabriel Kahle (8 saves). 

When asked about his thoughts on the game, Cincinnatus Head Coach Gordon Brown said, “We have been kind of down a little bit. We were going up and down all the time. They’re a quality team, and we needed to win a quality game. So hats off to them (McGraw). It was a great game by both teams.”

With this result, Cincinnatus now holds a 4-3 record; while McGraw fell to 7-3. 

Here is a score breakdown of the game:

Team 1st 2nd OT Final
Cincinnatus 1 1 1 3
McGraw 1 1 0 2


Cincinnatus will now look forward to host DeRuyter today (September 26th) at 4:30pm, while McGraw prepares to take on Madison on the road this Tuesday (September 27th) at 4:30pm. 

Here are some photos of Saturday's game (photos provided by Kaitlyn Hession):