Cortland police heads to receive 5-figure pay raise

City of Cortland police chief Paul Sandy (left) and deputy chief David Guerrera (right).

The Cortland Common Council unanimously voted in favor of a couple of city police heads receiving 5-figure pay raises at Tuesday’s meeting.

City police chief Paul Sandy, who currently has a salary of $117,415, will receive a $11,279 pay raise ($128,694). Deputy chief David Guerrera, currently making $99,037, will receive a $14,657 raise ($113,694).

The pay raises for chief and deputy chief are part of the city’s collective bargaining agreement with the Cortland Police Benevolent Association (PBA), which are retroactive to the agreement that was effective on Jan. 1 of this year.

City mayor Scott Steve noted at Tuesday’s meeting that the pay raises was a task that Cortland’s personnel committee was working on so it could “finally happen.”

Steve mentioned the salary structure within the police department is a “stepping increase” from bottom to top between patrolman and chief of police.

“It’s a continuous step so that we can catch up (on pay raises),” he added. He noted at one point that Guerrera was only making slightly more than the lieutenants. According to the resolution from Tuesday’s meeting, Guerrera was originally making $343 more than lieutenants ($98,694).

A breakdown of the resolution (No. 9) from Tuesday’s meeting can be seen here.