Town of Homer renews lease for village offices

The Town Hall on 31 N. Main St. in the town of Homer. (Photo Source: Kevin L. Smith of The Cortland Voice).

Town and Village of Homer officials recently agreed to renew the lease to continue having the village offices in the town hall on 31 N. Main St.

The lease renewal between the town and the village is for 5 years, which will expire in 2027. Village offices have been in the town hall for the past five years.

Village mayor Hal McCabe noted at Tuesday’s Board of Trustees meeting that prior to the town and village’s first 5-year lease, the village offices switched between the old recreation building on South Main Street and town hall “for a few years.”

“We’re very happy for the relationship we have with the village and working together,” said town supervisor Fred Forbes. McCabe agreed that it’s been a “great working relationship” between the town and village.

Village deputy mayor Pat Clune praised the shared services between the town and village since both offices have been in the town hall together.