City Common Council votes to ban smoking on Main Street

(Photo Source: Unsplash).

The city of Cortland Common Council unanimously voted 7-0 on Tuesday to ban cigarette, vape and weed smoking and consumption within 25 feet of sidewalks or buildings on Main Street.

A copy of the revisions to the city’s smoking code, also labeled as local law No. 13, can be seen here under agenda item No. 2 from Tuesday’s council meeting.

The Common Council and the public had multiple discussions in the past month about revisions to the city smoking code. The topic was first brought up at the Oct. 4 meeting, and the first attempt at a vote was tabled at the Oct. 18 meeting due to requested changes in the proposed local law at the time.

Prior to the vote at Tuesday’s meeting, a brief discussion was held on the impending approval of the revisions to the city’s smoking code. A recording of the discussion is below:

A few city residents also spoke in support of the local law during the public hearing before the meeting officially began. A recording of the public hearing is below: