Cincinnatus BOE discusses newsletter & details on senior trip

(Photo Source: Chelsea Horak of The Cortland Voice).

The Cincinnatus Central School District Board of Education (BOE) met last month in the high school library to hear presentations on the Lion’s Roar newsletter and the proposed Senior trip.

Cincinnatus’ next BOE meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 12. The location is to be determined and will be announced on BoardDocs, as the board is hoping to hold the meeting in one of the newly renovated classrooms.

Newsletter Teaches New Skills

Lori Tankalavage, a teacher for the computer publications class at Cincinnatus High School, speaks about the Lion's Roar newsletter at last month's Cincinnatus Board of Education meeting. (Photo Source: Chelsea Horak of The Cortland Voice).

Once the meeting was called to order, the board relocated to the classroom of Lori Tankalavage, where the district’s newsletter The Lion’s Roar comes to life thanks to its student staff. 

Tankalavage explained that the newsletter is published as part of the computer publications class, which is open to students in grades 9 through 12 and can represent a half-to-one credit depending on a students schedule. The class can also be taken for multiple years, as skills are built upon and there is no reteaching involved.

Students learn to take ownership of all aspects of publication in the uniquely office-like setting of the classroom. They learn professionalism and social skills by interviewing their peers, and commit extra time outside of class to cover sports and other events. Photography, editing, layout, proofreading, journalism, and typography are just some of the topics covered, all while producing a product for the school they are covering. Topics typically come from what teachers in the elementary and high schools would like covered and often highlight special projects going on in classrooms throughout the schools.

Seniors Opt for Affordability on Trip

The BOE returned to the library to hear from the Class of 2023 about how they would like to spend their senior trip. The students presenting described how the class came together and voted for the most affordable option proposed so that more of their fellow students would be able to participate. The class selected Ocean City, MD as their destination. It is currently estimated that about 31 out of the 49 seniors are likely to go on the trip.

The students will hold various fundraisers throughout the year in order to bring individual costs for the trip down further, as the current price is estimated at around $900-1400 per student depending on hotel room occupancy. The BOE will vote on whether to approve the proposed trip at a future meeting. The board later voted to approve a previously proposed trip for the foreign language club to go to France and other destinations in 2024.