Cortlandville sets public hearing for proposed codes law

(Photo via the town of Cortlandville).

The Cortlandville town board set a public hearing date for a newly proposed local law regarding property codes at its meeting on Wednesday.

The law would put Cortlandville in a group of select municipalities in the way it amends any updates made to the statewide property and fire codes. The public hearing on the proposed law has been scheduled for Feb. 1, prior to the town board’s next meeting.

Cortlandville attorney John DelVecchio said the local law will amend the town of Cortlandville’s fire code to put it in line with the state’s codes

“Essentially, it allows for any updates to automatically be incorporated into our code,” DelVecchio said. “Without this local law, the town would have to pass any new amendments to the state code as individual local laws. This proposed law would seamlessly integrate any new changes to the state’s code into the local set of guidelines as soon as they get state approval.”

The law also allows fire department authorities to enforce whichever set of codes, either local or statewide, that is safest, he said.

“I was hoping that our code had some sort of general provision in it that basically serves as a mechanism that incorporates any time the New York State Legislature amends the building or fire code into our local code,” he said. “We don’t have such a provision, most municipalities don't have such a provision.”

The law has been sent to both the Cortlandville Planning Board and the Cortland County Planning Board for approval and recommendations.