Village of Marathon details improvements to Civic Center

The civic center at the corner of Peck and Brink Street in the village of Marathon. (Photo via the Village of Marathon).

The Village of Marathon detailed much-needed improvements to the Civic Center at a recent Board of Trustees meeting.

It was noted that the Civic Center’s roof in its entirety will need to be replaced soon, but for the time being the village can only afford to make minor improvements.

According to a quote the village’s Civic Center committee received recently, the cost to replace 18 sheets of the roof and patch up leaks is $3,200, which was noted the village can afford.

The village has also been looking, and for quite some time, to replace the siding of the Civic Center. Former village mayor Bill McGovern mentioned in the past that the Civic Center’s current siding has been there since the building was constructed over 40 years ago.

Based on a quote sent to the village, the cost to replace the siding is $32,000. It was noted that further quotes on the siding and roof will be requested, based on New York State’s procurement policy requirement to have more than one quote for property upgrades.

Aside from the roof and siding, the village is looking to upgrade the bathrooms and replace the doors at the Civic Center.

Also at last week’s Board of Trustees meeting, the village was designated the governing body of the Civic Center. The building’s committee will provide recommendations to the village board for approval.

The village could potentially raise the Civic Center’s rental rates in the near future. Before rates are approved, the proposal will go to the Civic Center committee for review and a recommendation.