Marathon Board of Trustees have discussions on proposed trash can policy

(Photo Source: Village of Marathon Facebook page)

The village of Marathon Board of Trustees had discussions at a recent meeting on a proposed garbage can policy they are looking to implement in the area.

The proposed policy, according to village mayor Scott Chamberlin, would state that all totes and trash cans need to be removed off the street within 24 hours after the trash is collected. If they are not removed, the totes will be taken by the village’s Department of Public Works (DPW) to a location yet to be determined.

Village residents can retrieve their totes from the DPW, but any further incidents will cost residents approximately $50-per-tote. Due to the village charging a fee, the policy will have to become a local law.

The proposed policy/law will coincide with the village’s current junk ordinance. The village’s Board of Trustees will discuss further plans on the proposed policy/law at a future meeting.

Below is the village’s Board of Trustees’ discussion on the proposed garbage can policy: