Cortland County’s 911 Center under construction

The site of the future Cortland County emergency response center in the city of Cortland. (Photo Source: Kevin L. Smith of The Cortland Voice).

Contractors are on site for Cortland County’s 911 Center project at 22 W. Court St. in the city of Cortland.

Cortland County Emergency Response and Communications director Scott Roman provided an update on the project at Tuesday’s Buildings and Grounds meeting. Roman said while the project is underway, a couple important items will be delayed.

Roman noted there are a few items of concern.

“The air conditioner for the server room is a year away. So with (Director of Buildings and Grounds Chuck Miller’s) help, we’re going to use the temporary air conditioning that we still have. We’re going to use one of those units that we used in IT for a while and we're going to repurpose it at the (new location) for the winter months,” Roman said, noting the new air conditioner should arrive by March of next year.

Generators are not scheduled to arrive until late September, Roman noted. 

“But that is okay. We ordered that in November and that is another logistical holdup,” he added. “Everything else for the most part is going well.”

Legislator Kelly Preston (R-LD-10) announced last month the project would be receiving a $5 million Statewide Interoperable Communications Grant (SICG). At least $1.5 million out of that pile will go toward the new 911 Center’s network’s connections and connections to contiguous counties.

“We did get the information from the city in regards to the underground. However, the vendor wants a sizable amount of money to evaluate that piping and go from there,” Roman noted. “So we're going to follow up and see how they want to go on the underground route because we think the vendor's quote is excessive just to evaluate.”

The project is being worked on in phases. This first phase, Roman said, will focus on rehabbing the inside of the building and could be done in eight months. 

Currently, the emergency dispatch crew operates out of the Cortland County Sheriff’s Office at 54 Greenbush St. The construction work at the structure at 22 W. Court St. for this phase of the project will focus on the interior of the building.

Legislators said the entire project, which will also include external upgrades to the building, will cost up to $1.3 million.