Local business provides cost-effective services (Sponsored Content)

Arthur Webb, manager at CNY cremation service. (Photo provided by Timothy A. Bennett. Owner & Publisher of The Cortland Voice).



A local business is offering cost-effective services as an alternative to a traditional funeral service.

Central New York Cremation Service provides direct cremations, which has recently become a growing trend due to costs and environmental reasons based on space and land.

Arthur Webb, manager at CNY Cremation Service, noted the service is half the cost of other funeral services in the area.

“You get the same treatment, compassion, care and extra things a traditional funeral home doesn’t do for their clients,” Webb said.

Webb, who formerly served as a military policeman in the Army for five years in Iraq and Fort Drum (New York), uses his military background to provide extra care to his clients.

“It’s all about the families,” Webb said. “In service, you learn selflessness. It’s one of the Army’s values. To help people during the worst time of their life is what it’s all about. It’s a way I can serve without being in the military.”

Webb mentioned CNY Cremation Service delivers ashes and will make arrangements to meet with clients at any location they’re comfortable in discussing the process of the service. 

Opportunities for immediate family and friends to visit their loved one before cremation is available, free of charge.

“When people lose a loved one, they’re stressed and it’s a difficult time,” Webb said. “You have a lot of things thrown at you at once”. Webb continued,  “the idea is to take away as much stress as we can from them. It’s the little things that separates this cremation service from traditional funeral homes.”

CNY Cremation Service, as noted by Webb, provides care for military families by helping them get paperwork completed, if needed, or connect them to the right person.

“You make sure they get one free death certificate from New York state for being a veteran,” Webb said. “I do all of the work with (Veterans Affairs) as far as obtaining their flag and getting it folded; any benefits in terms of a marker, headstone, or presidential tickets. The family shouldn’t have to deal with that.”

For more information, visit either the CNY Cremation Service website or its Facebook page.