County Sheriff’s Office warns of recent scam phone calls

The Cortland County Public Safety Building and Sheriff’s Department. (Photo Source: Kevin L. Smith of The Cortland Voice).

The Cortland County Sheriff’s Office announced via its Facebook page that complaints have come in recently of a scammer portraying a police officer within its department.

According to the report, the scammer is identifying himself as “Captain Davenport.” The county sheriff’s office, however, noted a “Captain Davenport” is not employed in its department.

When scammers call these individuals, they are stating a warrant is out for their arrest. The scammers are also advising individuals to respond to a local police department with money, the report noted.

The County Sheriff’s Office noted if individuals receive similar phone calls to not provide scammers with any personal information, send money or provide any sort of credit or gift card number.

“As a reminder, law enforcement agencies will not contact the public and ask for money directly,” the report stated, noting to immediately call a local law enforcement agency to report a scam phone call.

To report an incident, call either 911 or 607-753-3311.