Village of Marathon approves new trash can policy

Cortland Voice File Photo: The Village of Marathon Board of Trustees. (Photo via Kaitlyn Hession of The Cortland Voice).

The village of Marathon unanimously approved a local law that would ensure trash cans are put away properly.

The new policy, an idea inspired by a similar policy the village of Whitney Point has in place, would give residents about 24 hours to remove their garbage cans from the street, curb or sidewalk.

If time passes and residents still haven’t moved their cans, the village’s Department of Public Works (DPW) will go around the area, pick up garbage cans left behind and bring them back to their garage.

Residents can pick up their garbage cans at the garage, but not before being charged a fee.

“My feeling is the cans that are out now, unless you do something like this, residents will never bring them in,” Village mayor Scott Chamberlin said.

This ordinance works in conjunction with the village’s junk law.

“I don’t like the garbage sitting on the street all the time,” Chamberlin said.

An unidentified resident wanted to know what goes in the  recycling totes, he noted the village should have information available to help residents know. The resident said a lot of neighbors are throwing away clothing and non-recyclable materials  

“Blue Moose is responsible for educating residents on what goes in which container,” Chamberlin said. “That's written in the contract we have with Blue Moose sanitation.”