New fountain system to be installed at local park

The current chlorination and pump system at Yaman Beach in Cortland will be replaced by a new fountain system soon. (Photo provided by Kevin L. Smith of The Cortland Voice).

A new fountain system will be installed at a park in the city of Cortland, noted at the Common Council meeting earlier this week.

The fountain system at the beach at Yaman Park will replace the original chlorination and pump system from the 1970s, which is “no longer functional, and is cost prohibitive to replace,” according to the agenda item from Tuesday’s Common Council meeting.

The city plans to use $19,160 from sales tax revenue to pay for the fountain system.

The Cortland Youth Bureau (CYB) and EcoPond recently conducted a water study for pond evaluation, water quality testing and options for water circulation.

“The water testing returned within normal limits, but a fountain or aeration system was recommended to keep the water aerated and circulated for swimming,” noted in the resolution.

CYB director Andrea Piedigrossi said on Tuesday that the fountain system will improve the water quality at Yaman Park.

“The aeration will keep the water moving and provide better water sampling when we test it,” Piedigrossi said.

The fountain system will not be installed in the swimming area, Piedigrossi said, which is the current location of the original chlorination and pump system. Instead, she added, the new system will be placed behind a rock wall near the water.

Piedigrossi added the fountain system will include lights to “make it look nice at night.”