Town in Cortland County audited by state comptroller

An audit from the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) found that a town in Cortland County needs to provide added oversight to their finances. 

The town of Preble said in a letter to OSC they are taking necessary steps to correct their process.

The audit reviewed 202 payments for non-payroll expenses, totaling $216,800, made between June 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. OSC recommended the town board or the town supervisor to provide an extra set of eyes when reviewing non-payroll disbursements, which currently falls solely on the town’s bookkeeper, the audit states.

“As a result, there is an increased risk that errors or irregularities could occur and remain undetected and uncorrected,” the audit reads.

OSC also recommended the town conduct an annual audit that includes the review of bank statements, canceled checks, and other documentation regarding the non-payroll payments.

“Other than minor discrepancies, which we discussed with Town officials, disbursements were supported for appropriate town purposes and approved by the Board prior to payment,” OSC officials said in the audit report. 

In a letter from April, Preble town supervisor James Doring wrote to OSC, noting they plan on addressing the matter based on the auditor's findings.

The town will review bank statements, canceled checks, electronic transfers, and make sure all payments are for legitimate town purposes, Doring said. He added the town will also conduct an end of the year audit to further check those documents.

“These actions will help to ensure that the town of Preble’s financial records will be accurate with a high degree of confidence,” Doring said in the letter.

The OSC’s report on the town of Preble’s non-payroll disbursements can be viewed by clicking here.