Arrest totals, other reports for the month of February (Cortland Police)

(Photo Source: Pexels).

The City of Cortland Police Department provided an arrest breakdown and a report on other activities for the month of February.

City police had 57 total penal law arrests, which includes eight felonies, 38 misdemeanors and 11 violations. Since February 2023, there have been 149 total penal law arrests, including 100 misdemeanors.

The breakdown also noted that there were 98 traffic infractions in February, along with a couple of DWI arrests. According to the city police’s “other activities” report, 31 people were incarcerated last month, seven less than February 2023 (38).

City police issued 370 parking tickets in February. It’s the month’s lowest number of parking tickets issued since 2021 (261). The specific month saw 805 parking tickets issued, while 457 total tickets were issued in February 2023.

Thirty motor vehicle accidents were reported by the city police in February, three less than February 2023 (33).