McGraw man facing sex abuse allegations accepts plea deal

Robert Schulte, 45, accepted a plea deal on Tuesday after facing multiple sexual abuse allegations. (Photo provided by the Cortland County District Attorney's Office).

A McGraw man that was facing multiple sexual abuse allegations accepted a plea deal on Tuesday, according to a release.

A release from Cortland County district attorney Patrick Perfetti stated that Robert Schulte, 45, pleaded guilty to first-degree course of sexual conduct against a child (a Class-B Felony) in county court.

A report from the county sheriff’s office stated that Schulte was accused of sexual abuse incidents that occurred between 2015 and 2022 at undisclosed locations in the towns of Solon and Cortlandville.

The county sheriff’s office received reports of sexual abuse allegations on May 9 (2024). According to the report, Schulte allegedly subjected the victim to “inappropriate sexual contact on several occasions over several years in both jurisdictions.” The victim knew Schulte, the report noted.

“This was a case where the abuse went on over a period of time. At least with the plea the victim and family can look forward to the sentencing and maybe attain some degree of closure,” Perfetti said.

Before Schulte accepted the plea deal, he had the following charges:

Town of Cortlandville

  • Second-degree rape (Class-E Felony)
  • Third-degree rape (Class-D Felony)
  • Second-degree criminal sex act (Class-D Felony)
  • Third-degree criminal sex act (Class-E Felony)
  • Endangering the welfare of a child (Class-A Misdemeanor)

Town of Solon

  • Two counts of first-degree course of sexual conduct against a child (Class-B Felony)
  • Predatory sexual assault against a child (Class-A II Felony)
  • Endangering the welfare of a child (Class-A Misdemeanor)

Chief assistant district attorney Jessica Weyant provided the following statement:

“We recognize that there will be challenges ahead for the victim and her family in negotiating  the healing process. We are grateful to the Cortland County Child Advocacy Center and its victim advocates who will be there to coordinate that needed assistance.

“These cases are often the most challenging any (district attorney’s office) faces due to late  disclosures, lack of forensics, or the reluctance of victims to testify. This prosecution was

successful because the victim reported the crime and the victim was courageous in coming

forward to testify. This case serves to remind our lawmakers of the importance of ensuring that victim advocacy is properly supported within both the (district attorney’s office) and the Child Advocacy Center.

Schulte’s sentencing is scheduled for July 16.