Early detection of furnace fire leads to quick response

(Photo provided by the City of Cortland Fire Department).

The early detection of a furnace fire led to quick response from local firefighters on Wednesday, according to a release.

The City of Cortland Fire Department release stated that crews dispatched to a two-story, single-family house on Cowance Street for a reported basement fire.

After firefighters noticed light smoke from the roof upon arrival, the crews entered through the front door and went to the basement.

The release noted that crews encountered “heavy smoke” and “moderate heat” at the basement door. Once firefighters entered the basement, they quickly located and extinguished a fire in the furnace. The house was then ventilated and metered for hazardous gas.

The city fire investigation team deemed the cause of the fire as accidental, the release said, with “component failure” as one of the primary factors. No injuries to firefighters or civilians were reported.

City firefighters installed multiple smoke detectors in the Cowance Street home a few years back.

Noted in the release, “The early detection capability of the properly installed and strategically located smoke detectors was a pivotal factor in the successful outcome of this alarm. (It was) a decision that proved to be life-saving in this incident.”

(Photo provided by the City of Cortland Fire Department).