City: Individual attempted to steal business truck; now faces multiple accusations

(Photo Source: Pexels).

An individual attempted to steal a business earlier in the week, according to a report.

The City of Cortland Police Department report stated that officers on Wednesday responded to a witness complaint of “glass breaking” and a “suspicious person in the area” at Image First on Huntington Street.

According to the report, officers found a large, tempered glass door and a window to the business “broken out.” Mason A. Aleba, 18, of Cortland, was in one of the business trucks “with the engine running,” the report stated.

Aleba was allegedly intoxicated and attempted to drive the vehicle. While in custody at the city police station, Aleba “slipped out” of his handcuffs and attempted to escape, but ran into a locked exit door, according to the report.

The report noted that Aleba was issued an appearance ticket and turned over to a relative. Aleba was charged with third-degree attempted grand larceny and third-degree criminal mischief (Class-E Felonies); third-degree escape, DWI and driving a motor vehicle with .08 or more BAC (Class-A Misdemeanors); and for unlicensed operation (violation).

Aleba is set to appear in Cortland city court on June 10.