City officials to revisit ‘No Mow May’

(Photo via Unsplash).

The City of Cortland recently concluded its second year of participation in the “No Mow May” initiative.

Before a third year is considered, city officials will revisit the rules of the program.

No Mow May” is a conservation initiative to “promote healthy habitat for people & pollinators,” according to a description. The program encourages city residents to grow out their lawns for the entire month of May.

Councilperson Tom Michales (R-8th Ward) said at a recent Cortland common council meeting that the city’s code has been “running themselves ragged” by issuing citations to residents who did not register for the program.

Michales noted that the city’s code enforcement division has received “close to 100 calls” in regard to lawns not being mowed.

“That's way too much for a code office to just drive around and give citations,” Michales said.

When “No Mow May” is discussed next year, Michales said the city will look to either shorten the program or reconsider it for the future.

Councilperson Troy Beckwith (D-7th Ward), who mentioned that he’s seen grass in the roads “all over the city,” suggested that residents only grow out their backyard lawns for the program.

Everett said that when residents’ lawns become “unsightly,” they should mow their lawns.

“We can all agree (No Mow May is) good for the environment,” Everett said. “The issue is now there’s been a lot of wet weather. Now the weather is nice, so (lawns) are over 2-feet high and causing a nuisance.”

The deadline to mow lawns for this year’s edition of the initiative is on Friday (June 7).