SUNY Cortland: Walk like a penguin, and other tips for walking on ice and snow

CORTLAND, N.Y. — Are you worried about slipping and falling while walking on ice and snow?

SUNY Cortland has a piece of advice: Walk like a penguin.

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In an email to college faculty, staff and students on Tuesday, the college recommended walking like a penguin — in other words, waddling — to avoid potential injury.

Due to wintery conditions on campus, sidewalks, stairs and roadways may be icy, the college said Tuesday.

Students on social media had fun with the email:

You might look ridiculous, but it's actually pretty sound advice. Extending your arms to the side increases your center of gravity, reducing the likelihood of falling.

If you refuse to do the penguin strut and find yourself losing balance, another helpful reminder is to "tuck and roll," making sure to keep your head and face away from the ground.

Just remember: Walk slowly, wear proper footwear and "walk like a penguin."
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