Homer Central School District goes on lockout

Homer Junior High School (photo courtesy of the Village of Homer)

HOMER, N.Y. — An unspecified police issue off campus forced The Homer Central School District to go on lockout Wednesday afternoon.

At 12:20 p.m., New York State Police contacted school administrators requesting a district-wide lockout due to an issue off school campus.

“We weren’t given any details by the police,” Homer superintendent Nancy Ruscio said in a phone interview Wednesday afternoon. “I believe there was a situation on Interstate 81 that they were dealing with.”

All outside activities were put to a halt and students were asked to return to the building, where classes continued per normal, the district said in a statement. Students were not allowed to leave school without approval from the principal.

Police canceled the lockout at 1:36 p.m. Police were not immediately available for comment Wednesday afternoon.

Here’s the full statement from the district:

At 12:20 PM, we were asked by the State Police to do a District wide lockout. A lockout is conducted when there is an issue off school campus that the police are dealing with. During a lockout, all outside activities cease and students are returned to the building. Inside the building instruction continues. No one is allowed to leave school unless the Principal approves a student going with a parent. All door access is denied except through a main designated door. At 1:36 PM we were informed that the Lockout was ended by the police.

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