Cortland County legislator to fill vacant highway superintendent position

The Cortland County Legislature at a 2016 meeting (Peter Blanchard/Cortland Voice)

CORTLAND, N.Y. — The chair of the County Legislature, Charles Sudbrink, was approved by the Cortland County Legislature Thursday to fill the vacant position of Highway Superintendent.

After turning in his letter of recommendation to the legislature, Sudbrink is set to begin work at the Highway Department on Monday, Oct. 1. The position will last until October 1, 2022.

“I would hope to change the reputation the highway department has had the past few years. I know a lot of good, hard working men there that don’t deserve the reputation that some residents have given the department,” said Sudbrink.

Sudbrink was a General Forman for Vector Construction for 10 years, prior to starting his own excavation and forestry business, CS Forestry Excavation, which he has run for the past 15 years.

Recently, Sudbrink had been doing a lot of downsizing on his business to make more time for politics. He also was a certified NYS traffic supervisor.

Before holding the County Legislature Chairperson position, Sudbrink was the Chairman
of the Highway Committee and Solid Waste for two years. “I think I have a unique understanding of what the legislature expects of the department,” said Sudbrink.

The position was posted at the end of June; Sudbrink said he applied for the position at
the end of August.

“Many legislators encouraged me to apply…honestly, I’m quite confident in the direction
I think the county is headed, and so at this point, I think I can contribute more to the highway
department than I can the legislature,” said Sudbrink.

Sudbrink’s position on the legislature has yet to be filled.