February Teacher of the Month: Deborah Latta, Cincinnatus Elementary School

Deborah Latta, a fifth grade teacher at Cincinnatus Elementary School, is this month's Cortland Voice Teacher of the Month Sponsored by Edible Arragements.

We are excited to share the news that this month's winner of the Cortland Voice Teacher of the Month Award is Mrs. Deborah Latta, a fifth grade teacher at Cincinnatus Elementary School.

For her hard work and dedication, Latta received a complimentary gift basket courtesy of Edible Arrangements of Ithaca.

Mrs. Latta was nominated by fifth grader Sadie Warner, a student in Mrs. Latta's class. Her nomination letter reads as follows:

My name is Sadie Warner and I am in 5th grade with Mrs. Latta. I pick Mrs. Latta for teacher of the month because she is so nice and she always makes our math work fun, even though it is difficult.

Mrs. Latta is a strict teacher and keeps our room in control and safe. I really like that because it helps me learn. I don't really love school a lot of the time. I feel stressed out most of the day, but when I get to Mrs. Latta's room, I feel happy and calm. Mrs. Latta recently had a really sad thing happen in her life and she was out for a week. I missed her so much.

When she came back, I was relieved and she was so strong because she still focused on us students and was so nice. Sometimes Mrs. Latta is really funny. Today she showed us number lines and we put our ages on the line and she was the only one at the very, very, very end!

If Mrs. Latta gets chosen as teacher of the month, I think she will be so happy and I would be so happy too.

Nominations are still open for March. Visit our Teacher of the Month page to fill out a nomination form and vote for your favorite educator!