Photo Gallery: 2019 City of Cortland Tree Lighting Event

(Photo provided by Camilo Fredes/Cortland Voice).

Just about one-hundred people were in attendance at this year's "City of Cortland Tree Lighting Event."

The event took place right outside of City Hall, where the Cortland high school choir sang some holiday songs waiting for Santa to arrive and light up the 50ft tree.

After that, people were welcomed inside the City of Cortland Fire Department to enjoy some hot cocoa and cookies, while kids would take pictures with Santa.

Click here to watch our live stream of last night's event. 

"It's a fantastic opportunity for people in the community to come together and celebrate the end of the Thanksgiving holiday and the start of the December holidays." said Cortland Mayor Brian Tobin. “Santa Claus comes in and gives us the opportunity to spread a little bit of magic by helping us countdown to get the tree lit. Also the Cortland high school choir did a fantastic job serenading us with some carols. It's something really exciting for the little kids and it's exciting for me to see the little kids, because the enjoyment and that belief in magic and good things really makes it worth a while."

This event has been going on for many years and according to Confidential Secretary to the Mayor Devon Rainbow, she has been organizing this great event for the last four years now.

"This event is pretty important to the community," said Rainbow. "A lot of people gather and a lot of the kids look forward to it and ask about when Santa is coming and appreciate it."

Here are some more photos of last night's event (All photos are provided by Camilo Fredes/Cortland Voice):