Sheriff's Office investigating motel stabbing in Polkville

Sheriff's Office Capt. Rob Derksen walks towards the scene of a stabbing this morning at the Cortland Motel on Route 11 in Polkville. SARAH BULLOCK

The Cortland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a stabbing at the Cortland Motel on Route 11 in Polkville, Capt. Rob Derksen confirmed at the scene this morning.

A man was injured in the altercation, Derksen said. Derksen declined to comment on the man’s condition, but noted the injuries were severe.

“His injuries were life-threatening,” he said.

Another man was involved in the incident, Derksen noted.

“We’re still in the sorting-out phase,” he said, adding further information would be released soon.

A K9 unit and two other marked Sheriff’s SUV’s were parked along Route 11 in front of the motel and the adjacent Night Owls bar. Two investigators were visibly busy taking notes and pictures behind the yellow tape encircling the property, while a third stood in the doorway of a room on the east side of the motel.

This is a developing story. Please check back for further updates.