Let's support our local high school seniors!

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Cortland Voice Owner and Publisher, Timothy A. Bennett met with Denise and Chris on Sunday afternoon. They are two parents of Senior students at Marathon High School. Both parents came up with a fun idea to honor all of the graduating seniors at Marathon High School. The idea is known as “Adopt a Senior”, and they created a Facebook group page to uplift and encourage the 2020 senior class who are missing their last few months of milestone events and creating lasting memories due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After speaking with Denise and Chris, the Cortland Voice decided to expand on their idea and decided to create groups for all of the Cortland County schools by creating a Facebook group page for each other school.

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Please share this article with your friends, family, and community members. Once you join the group on Facebook, assist others by inviting them too. No child left behind. 

Click the images to join the groups.


(Image from Marathon's Adopt a Senior Facebook Page).


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(Image from Homer Central School).


(Image from McGraw Central School District).


(Image from Cincinnatus Central School).

Cortland Christian Academy:

(Photo from Cortland Christian Academy).

Let's show our Seniors some love!

Notes: These groups are completely voluntary and entirely up to the parents or senior. This is not connected to the schools, so please don’t reach out to them with questions. Any questions, please ask the moderators on our Facebook page. Any negativity or inappropriateness will be deleted and blocked.