President Bitterbaum warns students not to repeat Friday’s parties

This email was sent today from the SUNY Cortland President's Office to warn students about gatherings for Halloween, as we continue to take on COVID-19.

Dear Cortland students,

I am directing this message to a small percentage of students whose poor and extremely reckless decisions could impact the larger campus community.

This morning I received reports of three large off-campus parties that took place last night, resulting in the referral of approximately 80 students to the Student Conduct Office. Their violations could result in suspension or dismissal from SUNY Cortland.

Please be aware: If you attend large gatherings tonight or through the end of the semester, you will face sanctions that could result in suspension or dismissal from SUNY Cortland. 

You must understand that hosting or attending parties during the pandemic puts your health and the safety of our Cortland community at risk. Furthermore, you are jeopardizing your academic career.

I realize that many of you continue to follow the rules laid out for this semester; my disappointment is not directed at you. I am frustrated instead by the students who fail to see the dangers and consequences that come with attending parties and large gatherings.

This Halloween must be different than any we have ever experienced. Please refer to my note from yesterday for ideas on how to enjoy it responsibly.

Please be smart for yourself and for others. Don’t put your education or your health at risk.



Erik J. Bitterbaum