2020 Election Results

Here are the updated 2020 presidential and local election results. (Note: some precincts are still counting mail-in ballots. We will be updating these results as soon as we get more information).


President/Vice President (Electoral Votes): 

Number of precincts reporting (162898/170228)

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris (Democrat)- 290 Electoral Votes 

Donald Trump/Mike Pence (Republican)- 214 Electoral Votes


President/Vice President (Nationwide results):

Number of precincts reporting (162898/170228)

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris (Democrat)- 50.7% (75,405,600 votes)

Donald Trump/Mike Pence (Republican)- 47.7% (70,905,497 votes)


22nd Congressional District

Election districts reporting: 565/565

Claudia Tenney (Republican)- 53.30% (139,883 votes)

Anthony J. Brindisi (Democrat)- 42.47% (111,461 votes)

LBT Keith Price (Liberal)- 2.08% (5,467 votes)


51st Senate District

Election districts reporting: 255/255

Peter Oberacker (Republican)- 57.01% (64,014 votes)

Jim Barber (Democrat)- 37.7% (42,336 votes)


Assembly District 125th-

Election districts reporting: 96/98

Anna Kelles (Democrat)- 61.17% (24,836 votes)

Matthew McIntyre (Republican)- 32.72% (13,284 votes)


Assembly District 126th

Election districts reporting: 111/111

John Lemondes (Republican)- 58.17% (33,353 votes)

Dia Carabajal (Democrat)- 36.06% (20,675 votes)