Cortland County High School Sports Recaps (May 7th)

(Original photo provided by Marathon Varsity Baseball Coach Bryan Hoyt).

Here are some local high school varsity sports recaps from Friday’s events:

Varsity Baseball: Marathon vs. Groton

The Marathon Olympians defeated Groton on the road with a score of 17-8. 

It was a slow start for the Olympians, as they made three errors in the second inning which led Groton to score three runs. Groton had a 5 run lead by the top of the fourth inning, with Marathon being held scoreless at that point. 

However, the Olympians quickly turned the game around after scoring all 17 of their runs in the fourth, fifth, and sixth innings to win the ball game. 

Ian Gacek led Marathon offensively with 3 runs. Following Gacek were Evan Ticknor (2 runs), Trentin Ensign (2 runs), Tristin Byron (2 runs), Braydin Drake (2 runs), Jeffrey Daugherty (1 run), Ethan Morrison (1 run), Tim Morehouse (1 run), and Zander Sutton (1 run). 

According to Marathon Head Coach Bryan Hoyt, both Zachary Birdsall and Braydin Drake had a great pitching game. “Braydin came in in the fourth inning and pitched three solid innings allowing just 1 run on 1 hit. It feels good to get the win. I’m proud of the work we put in this week and it showed tonight with the win.”

Varsity Girls Lacrosse: Cortland vs. Syracuse 

The Cortland Purple Tigers defeated Syracuse on the road with a score of 13-9. 

The Tigers came out with a hot start after finishing the half with a 10-4 lead. Being down five goals, Syracuse did not give up and outscored Cortland 5-3 in the second half, but Cortland’s lead became too great to overcome. 

Gabby Cranfield led the Tigers with 4 goals and 3 assists. Following Cranfield were Lily Call (2 goals & 1 assist), Paige Ludwig (3 goals), Margaret Starr (1 goal & 2 assists), Kylie Davie (1 goal & 1 assist), Megan Harrington (1 goal & 1 assist), Mya Wiley (1 assist), and Valerosa Gambitta 1 goal)

Cortland goalkeeper Dania Gutierrez had 5 saves; while Bella Smith had 4 saves. 

According to Cortland Head Coach Kindra Catalano, this was a great and necessary team win as the team heads into a challenging game on Monday against Jamesville Dewitt.

Varsity Boys Lacrosse: Homer vs. Carthage

The Homer Trojans defeated the Carthage Comets on the road with a score of 14-5. 

It was a close game at first with both teams ending the first half tied up 4-4. 

The Trojans would then come out to dominate in the second half, outscoring the Comets 10-1 to win the game. 

The Trojans were led by Ben Morenus with 3 goals and 4 assists. Following Morenus were Hunter Riehlman (4 goals), Jared Mathews (3 goals & 1assist), Jake Calabro (3 goals & 1 assist), and Reid Partis (1 goal).

Homer goalkeeper Collin Perks made 12 saves in the game.

Track and Field: Marathon and Cincinnatus @ Norwich (Meet vs. Multiple Schools)

Both the Marathon and Cincinnatus Track & Field teams competed in a multiple school competition in Norwich Friday evening. 

Here are the final results and highlights for both the boys’ teams and the girls’ teams. 

Girls’ Final Results

  1. Norwich- 136
  2. Oxford Academy- 80
  3. Cincinnatus- 62
  4. Bainbridge-Guilford/Afton- 59
  5. Sidney Track- 57
  6. Deruyter- 25
  7. Marathon- 23
  8. Edmeston-18

Cincinnatus Girls Highlights: 

  • The Cincinnatus 4×100 relay team (Aurora Torrance, Caitlyn Standish, Justice Crane, Shailynn Davis) came in 4th place. 
  • Emma Finch came in 1st in the 800 meter race and placed 2nd in the 1,500 meter race. 
  • Jasmine Standish came in 3rd in the 1,500 meter race and placed 4th in the 800 meter race. 
  • Peyton Stith placed 3rd in the 200 meter dash and came in 4th in the 400 meter dash.
  • The Cincinnatus 4×400 relay team (Ariahna Metzer, Peyton Stith, Emma Finch, and Jasmine Standish) finished in 2nd place. 

Marathon Girls Highlights:

  • Rylee Thomas came in 4th in the 1,500 meter race. 
  • Anna Hoyt placed 3rd in the 400 meter dash. 
  • Emily Struempfler finished in 3rd place in the 800 meter run. 
  • The Marathon 4×400 relay team (Anna Hoyt, Emily Struempfler, Rylee Thomas, and Ella McConnell) finished in 3rd place. 

Boys’ Final Results

  1. Norwich- 236
  2. Sidney- 130
  3. Bainbridge-Guilford- 40
  4. Cincinnatus- 29
  5. Oxford Academy- 22
  6. Marathon- 21
  7. Deruyter- 10

Cincinnatus Boys Highlights: 

  • Jack Gates came in 2nd in the 400 meter hurdles. 
  • The Cincinnatus 4×400 relay team (Tyler Liddle, Domanik Scutt, Calib Baker, and Cason Stafford) placed 3rd. 
  • Tyler Liddle finished in 4th place in both the long jump and high jump events. 

Marathon Boys Highlights: 

  • Conor Holland came in 3rd in the high jump event.
  • Jacob Pixley finished in 1st place in the pole vault event. 

Varsity Boys Golf: Cincinnatus vs. Stockbridge Valley

The Cincinnatus Lions lost a tough matchup against Stockbridge Friday afternoon with a score of 288-263. (Reminder: lowest score in golf wins). 

Individual results: 


  • Colin Ervin- 44
  • LJ Frink- 57
  • Josh Smith- 62
  • Garrett Frink- 66
  • Mason Walker- 59

Stockbridge Valley

  • Tom Meeker- 51
  • Rocco Pizzolo- 54
  • Cooper Marshall- 61
  • Caden Jones- 45
  • Dylin Crowley- 52

Varsity Boys Golf: McGraw vs. DeRuyter

The McGraw Eagles were defeated by Section III rivals DeRuyter with a score of 271-208. (Reminder: lowest score in golf wins). 

Individual Results: 


  • Caleb Knickerbocker- 46
  • Brok Montesano- 49
  • Owen Thomas- 55
  • Jacob Bilodeau- 67
  • Zander Weeks- 54


  • Tristan Warlock- 42
  • Lane Adams- 34
  • Garrett Wood- 45
  • Brandon Darrow- 42
  • Dylan Skeele- 45