Three Cheers For Syracuse But For Cortlandville: Three Strikes And They Are OUT (Sponsored Content)

Pamela Jenkins, Candidate for Cortlandville Town Board. (Photo Source: Pamela Jenkins).

Sponsored Content Paid by Elect Pamela Jenkins, Candidate for Cortlandville Town Board.

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced that Syracuse would use $800,000 of the COVID American Rescue Plan Federal grant for workforce development and job training. Three cheers for Syracuse!

Cortlandville officials should be ashamed of themselves for their last minute maneuver at the County Legislature which yielded them $500,000 of the COVID American Rescue Plan grant. The $500,000 would be used to expand Gutchess Lumber Sports Complex with 2 more baseball fields, more lighting, an underground sprinkler system, buildings and equipment. Shame on them and the Legislators who allowed this to happen.

Cortlandville is already $2.7 million dollars in debt for what has been built with our tax dollars. On August 4, 2021 Cortlandville signed a contract with a private for-profit baseball tournament company.

The August 4, 2021 contract would allow minimal public use of the GLSC baseball facilities (per Exhibit C 3 in the contract). The contract would require Cortlandville to go into an unspecified multiple millions of dollars further debt for more baseball fields and buildings and equipment, maintenance and replacement costs. 

The revenue to Cortlandville would not cover the already existing debt of $2.7 million much less the maintenance, replacement costs and equipment. 

Residents gathered enough Permissive Referendum Petition signatures for there to be a "Special Election " vote to challenge the August 4, 2021 contract which Cortlandville signed with the private for-profit baseball tournament company.

We expect that the taxpayers will have an opportunity to vote to disapprove of that contract in late November or December, and to tell Cortlandville officials…”Three strikes and you are Out!”