Syracuse man who sexually assaulted teen sentenced to 5 years in prison

Dillan Taylor, 23. (Photo Source/Kevin L. Smith/Cortland Voice).

A Syracuse man was sentenced to five years in prison — plus 15 years of post-release supervision — for his first-degree attempted rape charge on Thursday at Cortland County Court.

Dillan Taylor, 23, who normally resides in Syracuse but also has a 1 Kingsley Ave. address in the city of Cortland, was arrested in February 2020 after he sexually assaulted a 16-year old girl.

According to chief assistant district attorney Christopher Simser, on the night of Feb. 11, 2020, Taylor sexually assaulted the victim and threw money on the bed to “further demean her.”

“He left her to deal with the trauma of the assault,” Simser said.

According to a city police report from last year, Taylor and the victim were acquainted with each other prior to the assault. Taylor misrepresented his age to the victim, Simser said Thursday in county court.

The victim has dealt with continuous harassment from Taylor’s family, which Campbell said may have been related to the charges.

“Five years is nothing compared to what you deserve,” the victim said in a written statement that was read by Simser. “Despite your efforts to intimidate me, you will finally be held accountable for your actions.”

Simser and county judge Julie Campbell repeatedly stated that according to Taylor’s probation officer, he has not taken responsibility or shown remorse for his actions.

“He does not seem to care about the long-term effects his actions have on others,” Campbell said.

Defense attorney Mark Smith argued that Taylor has taken responsibility for his actions.

“He pled guilty,” Smith added. “There’s nothing in the law where he has to tell his probation officer he’s sorry for what he did.”

Smith recommended eight years of post-release supervision instead of the 15 years that Simser suggested in his pre-sentencing statements.

Smith wanted Campbell to take a closer look at the pre-sentencing report. Smith stated that Taylor’s issues with mental health, alcohol abuse and drug addiction “contributed to the factors of what happened” during the night of the incident.

But, Campbell stuck with the proposed jail sentence and post-release supervision from Simser. Campbell noted from the pre-sentencing report that despite no major injuries or illnesses, Taylor claims to have a post-traumatic stress disorder, despite no history of counseling or records of medication he has taken to treat the apparent PTSD.

“I recommend that once he is released from prison, he is supervised and supervised closely.” Simser said.

Campbell mentioned an array of past and pending charges on Taylor, including resisting arrest, several counts of criminal contempt, multiple burglaries, petit larcenies and more.

“This man has a troubling history for someone being so young,” Campbell said, who added Taylor has been arrested 21 times between Cortland and Onondaga Counties.

Taylor apologized to the victim on Thursday for his actions. He has 30 days to appeal his sentencing.

“I’ll take this time to realize and reflect on my actions and make myself better,” he said.