League of Women Voters of Cortland County Announce Revised Debate Schedule

Press release from Cortland League of Women Voters.

For many years the League of Women Voters of Cortland County has fulfilled its published non-partisan commitment by providing candidate forums to the public for over 50 years. These well-attended forums have been a popular means to present the voters with an opportunity to hear the diverse views of the candidates before election day.

This year, due to a significant increase in local COVID cases, the LWV has decided to present these forums in a safer manner for all. The forums are scheduled from 10:00am to 12 noon:

City of Cortland, Mayoral Candidates 10am, Homer Justice and Town Board Candidates 11am, September 25; and Cortlandville, October 2, 2021, Town Supervisor and Town Council Candidates, 10-noon

They will be held via  ZOOM. With the valuable and  gracious assistance of the technical capacity of the CORTLAND VOICE, these forums will be streamed simultaneously on the CORTLAND VOICE Facebook page (facebook.com/cortlandvoice) for the public to view in real time and available after on Youtube.

All the candidates have been asked to submit their email addresses to the League’s Committee on Voter Services ([email protected]) from which the ZOOM address for participation will be sent to the candidates. Also present on the ZOOM forum will be the moderator and a timekeeper.

The League of Women Voters solicits questions from the public for the candidates to  be sent to [email protected] two days in advance of the specific forum date. A non-partisan committee will review them for relevance, duplication or inappropriate personal questions.

The Cortland League of Women Voters urges Cortland voters to tune in to  this continuing service .