Cortland Weather Outlook: Friday, November 19

Your Cortland County weather forecast for Friday, November 19, 2021:

Blustery northwest winds will keep temperatures chilly and snow showers in the air today.

Wind speeds will increase this morning and peak during the midday and first half of the afternoon. At this time, winds will be near 15 mph with gusts as high as 35 mph.

Lake effect off Lake Erie moved south overnight and the Lake Ontario band is starting the day well to the north. As such, just a stray flurry here or there is expected through the morning and midday.

By the afternoon, the chances for snow showers will increase as the Lake Ontario band drops south. The midafternoon hours seem like the prime time for snow showers.

A few of the snow showers may contain heavy snow for a brief period. These bursts will give the grass a quick coating and reduce visibility. 

Conditions for lake effect will become less favorable by the evening, so just a few lingering flurries are expected in the hours after sunset. Skies should even become mostly clear for a time after midnight before some new thin clouds work in from the west.

Unsurprisingly, with the lake effect and strong winds, it will be a cold day. High temperatures will mostly be in the upper 30s, though a few hilltops could stick closer to 35 degrees.

Tonight, temperatures will drop into the low 30s for the evening, and then into the mid 20s overnight.

Here is a look at the weather for the next several days:

Saturday: Rather cloudy but dry. Morning lows in the mid 20s. Afternoon highs near 40.

Sunday: Cloudy with late showers. Morning lows in the mid 30s. Afternoon highs in the upper 40s.

Monday: Mostly cloudy with a few morning showers and late flurries. Morning temperatures in the mid 40s. Afternoon temperatures falling to the upper 30s.

Tuesday: Snow showers likely with some minor accumulation. Morning lows in the mid 20s. Afternoon highs in the upper 20s.