Cortland County High School Sports Recaps: Wrestling, Basketball, & Volleyball (December 8th)

Homer Wrestlers (Left to right: Jeffrey Stauber, Sam Sorenson, David Morse & Zander Johnson).

Here are some local high school varsity sports recaps from Wednesday’s events:

Varsity Wrestling: Homer vs. Mexico

The Homer Trojans defeated Mexico 42-30 at homer Wednesday night. 

Here are the individual results of the meet:

  • 189: Zander Johnson (Homer) over (Mexico) - Forfeit
  • 215: Blair Wakula (Homer) over Ashton Pullen (Mexico) - Pin
  • 285: Sam Sorenson (Homer) over Dakota Defalco (Mexico) - Pin
  • 102: No match
  • 110: Garrett Harper (Mexico) over (Homer) - Forfeit
  • 118: Ryan Gates (Mexico) over Conor Powers (Homer) - Pin
  • 126: Hunter Lines (Homer) over Logan Wilder (Mexico) - Pin
  • 132: Jeffrey Stauber (Homer) over Neven Dermady (Mexico) - Pin
  • 138: Michael Smith (Mexico) over Matthew Fish (Homer) - Pin
  • 145: Lukas Quinn (Homer) over David House (Mexico) - Pin
  • 152: Colin Derby (Mexico) over Alden Lowell (Homer) - Pin
  • 160: Joey Reed (Mexico) over (Homer) - Forfeit
  • 172: David Morse (Homer) over Daniel Miller (Mexico) - Pin

Here are some photos of the meet:

Varsity Wrestling: Marathon vs. Groton

The Marathon Olympians defeated Groton 45-27 Wednesday evening. 

Here are the individual results of the meet:

  • 285: Donovan Mitchell (Groton) over Logan Jamison (Marathon) - Pin
  • 102: Simon Donah (Marathon) over (Groton) - Forfeit
  • 110: John Root (Marathon) over (Groton) - Forfeit
  • 118: Brendan Gumaer (Marathon) over Aidan Shufelt (Groton) - Decision 4-3
  • 126: Anthony Neville (Marathon) over Kris Willard (Groton) - Pin
  • 132: Zander Sutton (Marathon) over (Groton) - Forfeit
  • 138: Tim Morehouse (Marathon) over Sabyn Mahannah (Groton) - Pin
  • 145: Joe Bishop (Groton) over Brittan Keller (Marathon) - Pin
  • 152: Jeter Neff (Groton) over Braydon Homer (Marathon) - Pin
  • 160: Isaac Allen (Groton) over Ethan Morrison (Marathon) - Decision 7-5
  • 172: Trevor Hurlbert (Marathon) over (Groton) - Forfeit
  • 189: Dawsyn Cole (Marathon) over (Groton) - Forfeit
  • 215: Eric Deuel (Groton) over Julian Spizzirri (Marathon) - Pin

Varsity Wrestling: Cortland vs. Auburn

The Cortland Purple Tigers defeated Groton 48-24 on Wednesday. 

Here are the individual results of the meet:

  • 102: Mike Boyhan (Auburn) over (Cortland) - Forfeit
  • 110: Adrian Alvarado (Auburn) over (Cortland) - Forfeit
  • 118: Zach Price (Cortland) over Alexa Baker (Auburn) - Pin
  • 126: Devlin Riotto (Cortland) over Charles Cesario (Auburn) - Pin
  • 132: Avery Canzano (Cortland) over (Auburn) - Forfeit
  • 138: Bradley Boyhan (Auburn) over Karter Bush (Cortland) - Pin
  • 145: DaeSean West (Cortland) over Anthony Dawley (Auburn) - Pin
  • 152: Wyatt Tinker (Cortland) over Caden Becker (Auburn) - Pin
  • 160: Luca Canzano (Cortland) over Elijah Stroman (Auburn) - Pin
  • 172: No Match
  • 189: Luke Darling (Cortland) over (Auburn) - Forfeit
  • 215: Asher Tinker (Cortland) over Braydon Crosby (Auburn) - Pin
  • 285: Jaden Dawley (Auburn) over Malcolm Wilson (Cortland) - Pin

Varsity Girls Basketball: Cortland vs. Skaneateles

The Cortland Lady Tigers took down Skaneateles with a score of 38-25. 

With this win, Cortland now holds a 2-1 overall record. 

The Tigers were led by Kirsten Merritt (8 points), Kendall Mack (6 points), and Claire Turner (6 points). 

Skaneateles was led by Maddy Ramsgard (12 points) and Faith Wagner (8 points). 

Up next, the Tigers will host Jamesville Dewitt on Friday (December 10th) at 6:45pm. 

Here are some photos of yesterday's game (All photos were provided by SPY Photography): 

Varsity Boys Basketball: Cortland vs. Skaneateles

The Cortland Tigers lost a close game to Skaneateles 53-59.

This was Cortland’s first loss of the season, bringing them down to a 2-1 record. 

The Tigers were led by Max Gambitta (21 points, 4 rebounds & 3 steals), Marvin Bell (14 points & 16 rebounds), Emerson Johnson (8 points & 7 rebounds), and Tyler Blake (6 points & 5 blocks). 

Skaneateles was led by Colin Gaglione (12 points), Jude Pascal (11 points), and Cader Bradley (11 points). 

Cortland’s next game will be against Oswego at home on Friday (December 17th) at 6:45pm. 

Varsity Boys Basketball: Marathon vs. Whitney Point

The Olympians were led by Conor Holland (32 points & 9 rebounds) and Braeden Morrison (3 points, 6 rebounds, 5 steals & 6 assists). The Marathon Olympians defeated Whitney Point 49-35 Wednesday night in order to improve to a 1-1 record. 

Whitney Point was led by Jeremy Simerson (9 points) and Alex Smith (7 points). 

“I really thought the team came together late in the third quarter and played great defense,” said Marathon Head Coach Jim Holland. “We are still learning to play with each other and need time to keep adjusting.”

Up next, the Olympians will take on Moravia on the road at 7:30pm this Friday (December 10th). 

Varsity Volleyball: McGraw vs. Manlius Pebble Hill (MPH)

The McGraw Eagles lost a tough match against Manlius Pebble Hill (MPH) in four sets. 

The Eagles were led by Madison Boyer (4 aces) and Megan Stull (2 kills & 1 block)

MPH was led by Kate Chaffee (4 kills, 7 digs, 17 assists & 7 aces), Gianna Rinaldi (5 kills, 7 digs & 10 aces), and Abigail Hinshaw (11 digs). 

“The girls are learning to work with each other and figure out what they need to do,” said McGraw Head Coach Jessyca Doran. “I am proud they didn't give up and we will continue to grow and learn.”

With this loss, the Eagles are now 0-3 on the season. 

McGraw’s next match will be played on Monday (December 13th) against Stockbridge Valley on the road at 7pm.