Cortland County COVID-19 Wrap-Up for Tuesday, Dec. 14

Here is a breakdown of COVID-19 numbers in Cortland County from the week of Dec. 6-12 to Monday, Dec. 13. It is based on recorded information from the Cortland County Health Department.

On Monday, Dec. 13, the county reported 229 active positive cases, 592 patrons being monitored, 11 hospitalizations, but no new deaths. Since Friday, Dec. 10, there have been 136 new positive cases (40% increase in that span) and eight new hospitalizations.

As of Dec. 13, there have been 7,421 total positive cases, 365 total hospitalizations and 88 deaths in the county.

Active positive cases between Dec. 6-13 have gone and fluctuated from 186 to 229. Hospitalizations have risen from eight to 11 since Dec. 6.

According to the county health department’s weekly COVID-19 update between Dec. 6-12, there have been 236 positive cases, eight hospitalizations and one death. 

Of the 229 active cases as of 7:30 a.m. on Dec. 13, 96 of them self-reported that they are vaccinated. According to the county health department, county residents “who do not self-report they are vaccinated may be unvaccinated, chose not to provide vaccination status, or vaccination status was not collected during case investigation.”

The percentage of county residents fully vaccinated is 55.3%, with 62.7% of residents that are 12 years-or-older reported as fully vaccinated. The percentage of county residents between the ages of 5-and-11 that is fully vaccinated is 7.8%.