Cortland Weather Outlook: Friday, December 17

Your Cortland County weather forecast for Friday, December 17, 2021:

A cold front moved through overnight and will keep temperatures much cooler than yesterday, but still above average.

Skies will be sunny through the morning before some thin cloud start to filter in from the south. 

The sunshine will help temperatures climb into the mid 40s this afternoon. The hilltops of the northern parts of the county will stick to the low 40s.

Winds will be generally from the west, but may bounce around a bit between more southwesterly and more northwesterly. A more defined shift to the northwest will come during the evening before turning to the northeast overnight.

Daytime wind speeds will be around 10 mph with top gusts as high as 25 mph. Evening and overnight wind speeds will drop to around 5 mph.

Evening temperatures will quickly drop back into the upper 20s to near 30 degrees. From there, temperatures will hold steady as clouds thicken.

Some snow could start to fall before the sun rises on Saturday.

Here is a look at the weather for the next several days:

Saturday: Snow turning to ice and probably ending as some afternoon rain showers. Morning lows in the upper 20s. Afternoon highs in the mid 30s.

Sunday: A few snow showers, especially early in the day. Morning lows in the low 20s. Afternoon highs in the mid 20s.

Monday: Sun and a few clouds. Morning lows in the low 10s. Afternoon highs in the low 30s.

Tuesday: Clouds, some sun, and maybe a flurry. Morning lows in the mid 20s. Afternoon highs in the low 30s.