Micro-paving is underway in the City of Cortland

(Photo Source: Pexels).

Suit-Kote is currently in the process of micro-paving roads in the City of Cortland that were milled and paved last year, according to a post on the Crown City Rising Facebook page.

The streets where Suit-Kote will conduct micro-paving are as follows:

  • Groton Avenue (Otter Creek to City Line)
  • Wheeler Avenue (Homer Avenue to NYS Route 281)
  • Elm Street (Greenbush Street to Hubbard Street)
  • Owego Street (Yates Avenue to City Line)
  • Delaware Avenue (Tompkins Street to City Line)

According to Crown City Rising’s post, micro-paving is a cost-effective way to extend the life of asphalt on the roads. The process is similar to someone sealing their driveway after being paved.

The process is quick, and there is minimal curing time “before traffic can run on it,” the post states.