Cortlandville town board discuss potential sale of topsoil

(Photo via Pexels).

The Cortlandville town board is seeking to sell excess topsoil at Gutchess Lumber Sports Complex (GLSC). 

Town officials said Wednesday there are 5,000-6,000 yds of topsoil at GLSC.

“We are in the process of seeing how it can be disposed of. It has to be removed eventually because of parking, the road, and other fields,” Town supervisor Tom Williams said. “Everybody’s guess when they developed the park was that we would have two or three more piles at least that big when we develop the soccer area. It is a huge pile of dirt.”

Williams said the sale of the topsoil could contribute toward paying off the Gutchess Lumber Sports Complex.

“That is the plan,” he said.

No estimates on what the town could get back for the topsoil were given.

“We are putting it out to bid and see if anyone is interested in buying it. The problem is, with transportation costs the way they are, it is not quite as attractive a deal as it would have been a couple years ago,” Williams concluded.