Individual arrested in connection to alleged assault at a grocery store

(Photo Source: Pexels).

An individual was arrested this past weekend in connection to an alleged assault at a grocery store, according to a City of Cortland Police Department report.

The report stated that city police responded to an assault call at the P&C Fresh grocery store in Riverside Plaza.

The victim of the alleged assault told city police that two men “beat him up” and “struck him several times.” According to the report, the victim is a witness against one of the suspects from an undisclosed investigation in January.

Kiersten G. Libbey, of Cortland, was arrested on Central Avenue shortly after the incident at the Riverside Plaza. He was charged with second-degree intimidating a witness (a Class-D Felony), and third-degree assault and fifth-degree conspiracy (both Class-A Misdemeanors).

Libbey is currently being held at Cortland County Jail. He is due to appear in city court on March 22. 

City police noted in the report that further arrests are expected in the investigation. Details outside of the initial report were not provided.

The Cortland Voice will provide further details once they are received.