Cortland Weather Outlook: Wednesday, May 17


Your Cortland County weather forecast for Wednesday, May 17, 2023:

(Photo Source: Stephen Yang/The Cortland Voice).

Cold winds behind last evening’s cold front will keep temperatures down today and lead to a frosty night tonight.

Skies will be sunny throughout the day with few, if any, clouds passing through. The sunshine will be deceptive though, as it will look a lot nicer out than it really will be.

Instead, north-northwest winds will blow at speeds slightly over 10 mph with gusts as high as 30 mph.

These winds will bring cold air into the region, and high temperatures today will be twenty to twenty-five degrees colder than yesterday.

Most areas will struggle to get more than a degree or two beyond 50 degrees. Some of the higher elevations may not even reach 50.

Temperatures will drop quickly this evening under clear skies and calming winds. Shortly after sunset, temperatures will fall into the 30s, and some areas could end up in the upper 20s overnight.

Widespread frost and freeze conditions are likely, so be sure to proactively protect any plants.

Here is a look at the weather for the next few days:

Thursday: Mostly sunny. Morning lows near 30. Afternoon highs in the low 60s.

Friday: Sun and thin clouds. Morning lows in the upper 30s. Afternoon highs in the low 70s.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy with rain possible during the afternoon. Morning lows in the upper 40s. Afternoon highs in the mid 60s.

Sunday: Plenty of sunshine. Morning lows in the upper 40s. Afternoon highs near 70.