Details provided on upgrades to Cortland County buildings

The courthouse steps at the Cortland County courthouse are currently under construction. (Photo provided by Kevin L. Smith of The Cortland Voice).

Construction projects for a couple of Cortland County buildings are moving forward.

County buildings and grounds maintenance mechanic Allen Parkhurst updated county legislators on where the projects currently stand at Tuesday’s Buildings and Grounds committee meeting. 

The county courthouse steps are closer to being finalized. The weather controls to keep the steps clean in the winter have been installed, as well as the lighting and lighting controls. An update memo sent by county buildings and grounds superintendent Chuck Miller to legislators in May suggests the steps project should be done by the end of the month.

“So we're moving right along pretty quickly,” Parkhurst said.

The relocation of the Cortland City Court to the county courthouse should be done by the end of August, Miller said in the memo. State court officials approved the plan for renovations on July 13, Parkhurst said.

Demolition and asbestos removal at the planned County Mental Health Building on Port Watson Street should be scheduled soon, Parkhurst said. The project has an estimated completion date of August next year. 

“After we gut it, I think it's (going to) go very quickly after that,” he added. “We should be able to see some progress soon.”

The new elevator at the county courthouse was also slightly delayed, Parkhurst said. The inspection, according to Miller’s memo, took place on July 14.

“We're back on track. There was an issue because of the car size that is going in the elevator,” Parkhurst said. “We had to make sure that the steel beams that hold all the controls and all the cables were strong enough. We had them inspected and they are sufficient. Of course, that is not going to start until we can get the steps completed.”