Unidentified man uses counterfeit money; county sheriff’s office seeks assistance

(Photo via Pexels).

The Cortland County Sheriff’s Office is seeking assistance on an unidentified man who used counterfeit money.

According to a report, the county sheriff’s office received a complaint from the Dollar General store at 2717 Rt. 26 in the town of Cincinnatus. The report stated that the unidentified man used a counterfeit $100 bill to purchase several items at the store.

Security footage from the Dollar General store in Cincinnatus shows an unidentified man after he used a counterfeit $100 bill on Sunday. (Photo provided by the Cortland County Sheriff's Office).

The report continued by saying after the man received change for his counterfeit bill, he exited the store. According to the report, the individual appears to be a white male with a thin build, has a blonde mohawk hairstyle and tattoos on both arms.

The investigation is ongoing. Those with information on the unidentified individual are asked to contact the county sheriff’s criminal investigation division at 607-758-6151 or message the county sheriff’s office Facebook page.