Officials looking to resolve overgrown weeds on sides of city street

Overgrown weeds on one of the sides of Clinton Avenue in the city of Cortland. (Photo provided by Timothy A. Bennett, Owner & Publisher of The Cortland Voice).

Cortland officials are looking to resolve the issue of overgrown weeds down a long stretch of a city street, the mayor said at Tuesday’s Common Council meeting.

Overgrown weeds can be seen along each side of Clinton Avenue. The overgrown weeds have been an issue since the Clinton Avenue Gateway Improvement Project was recently close to completion.

Cortland mayor Scott Steve said on Tuesday that the city is looking into long-term solutions, noting “it’s not going to be cheap and easy.” 

Details on potential solutions remain to be seen.

“Hopefully (after the winter) we’ll have some sort of solution. It’s going to be a frustrating venture,” Steve said. “We’ll do everything we can to (get rid of) those weeds.”

Steve noted that in the meantime, the city’s department of public works (DPW) will attempt to clean up the areas of overgrown weeds before the winter season begins. DPW did a similar clean-up process last year prior to the start of winter, Steve said.

On Tuesday, Steve asked for everyone’s patience as the city resolves the issue of overgrown weeds.

“There are some changes we have to make, and it will be significant,” he added.