Homer Board of Trustees discuss priorities in the village for 2024

(Photo provided by Kevin L. Smith of The Cortland Voice).

The Village of Homer Board of Trustees discussed priorities for 2024 at its meeting on Tuesday.

Village deputy mayor Pat Clune noted that he had about 30 projects on his list, not including ones suggested by fellow board members. Clune listed off a handful of projects, including top ones to prioritize. This included the ongoing Route 11 linear park project, the digital sign ordinance and the village’s work within the Downtown Revitalization Initiative.

Other projects that Clune mentioned were the sidewalk improvement project, installing a stop sign on Hooker Avenue, salt shed construction, the dam removal project, updating the village’s comprehensive plan, the water tank replacement project and more.

Below is a video of the Village’s Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday (The discussion on priorities for 2024 start at 21:58 and end at 1:06:02).