Solar eclipse tips; weather update for eclipse viewing

(Photo via Unsplash).

The anticipated total solar eclipse is in line for this afternoon (Monday, April 8). Below are some tips for the solar eclipse, and a weather update to go along with it.

According to NASA, a partial solar eclipse will begin just after 2 p.m. The totality of the eclipse is tentatively slated to start close to 3:20 p.m.

Tips for traveling and solar eclipse viewing

According to Gov. Kathy Hochul and New York State, eye protection is encouraged during view of the solar eclipse by “protecting your eyes with specialized solar viewing glasses.”

Noted in a release from the state, “It’s unsafe to look directly at the sun without specialized eye protection and can result in serious injury. The partial phases of the solar eclipse can only be safely observed directly with specialized eclipse glasses or a handheld solar viewer – regular sunglasses are not a safe replacement.”

Hochul and the state provided further tips:

  • Plan on staying in one place for the day due to anticipated traffic volume.
  • Allow for plenty of extra travel time. 
  • Remember to gas up your vehicle and pack snacks, water, blankets, and extra clothes in your car.
  • Do not stop to view the eclipse along the roadway. First responders need to be able to get through if there is an emergency.
  • Share your trip details with an emergency contact and make sure they have your itinerary, including travel details such as driving route and hotel information.

AAA also provided tips solar eclipse traveling and handling traffic:

  • Keep your vehicle’s headlights on.
  • Put the sun visor down to block your view of the sun.
  • Don’t wear eclipse glasses while driving.
  • Don’t try to photograph or video the eclipse while driving.
  • Don’t pull over to the side of the road, highway, or interstate to view the eclipse.
  • Exit the roadway and park in a safe area away from traffic to view the eclipse.  
  • Be mindful of pedestrians who may be walking around with their eyes on the sky.

Weather update for solar eclipse viewing

According to Monday’s weather report by Drew Montreuil, a warm front will push some clouds into the area. However, there should be some breaks in the clouds, and most of the clouds will thin enough at time to view the sun through during viewing of the eclipse.

Montreuil noted in his report that there will be periods of thicker periods, along with a few bouts of rain. The rain could take place later in the afternoon and into the evening. Temperatures will be in the mid-to-high 50s, and temperatures could drop a few degrees during the eclipse.

(Editor’s Note: More details on today’s solar eclipse can be found in the hyperlinks throughout the article)