Cortland DPW making updates to city streets

(Photo via Unsplash).

The City of Cortland Department of Public Works is working on updates to various city streets this spring.

According to Cortland DPW deputy superintendent Bill Lund, work is currently being done to fix and update manholes and catch basins on city streets that have been “compromised” over the years.

“We pull them up, brick them all back up solid and reset them,” Lund said.

Lund said that the manhole and catch basin work is on streets that Cortland DPW hopes to mill and pave this summer. Potholes, Lund added, are also being filled and patched up on a handful of streets.

The current work on city streets will take about 3-to-4 weeks, Lund said. A list of streets to mill and pave this summer will be available soon, but Lund noted the amount of streets on the list depends on funding from the state.

Lund said the goal for Cortland DPW is to start milling streets in mid-to-late May.